Meet Nora

Let me start off by telling you a little bit about who I am!

  • I was voted Class Clown by my high school graduating class
  • I use to play roller derby (My name was Nora Spect & I was pretty damn awful at it)
  • Snowboarding is a passion of mine & I live at a ski resort
  • I have two boxers that are the loves of my life
  • I’ve been known to walk on my hands at random, and do backflips at a moments notice
  • As a child, I wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic when I grew up. I still want to work for National Geographic when I grow up
  • I believe that fresh-cut flowers should be a permanent fixture in any home
  • I love thunderstorms
  • I drink far more coffee than is deemed healthy
  • I also work for Outside Television at Sunday River Ski Resort
  • Some of my work has been featured on The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Good Morning America, and The Weather Channel
  • I produced the music video for Guster’s “Bad Bad World.” It was a same-day edit & I had no clue that it would be seen by anybody other than my friends
  • I like to consider myself a craft beer snob, but I can’t say no to a PBR Tallboy
  • I have more tattoos than my father cares for
  • I always keep my bowling ball & shoes in my car, just in case
  • My favorite band of all time is Queen

I am VERY excited to meet and work with you! Once things are all said & done, you will not only be walking away with a piece of visual art, but with somebody to grab beers with, to share future milestones with, and to call a friend. I make an effort to get to know you on a more personal level, so that your film is an accurate reflection of who you are.

How I Spend My Time

Television Production


Weddings and Events




Coffee Consumption


I wanted to let you know that we received the DVD today and we LOVE the edit. I can’t believe how much great footage there was and how well you were able to capture it all! You have been absolutely amazing to work with and we love everything that we have seen! I also wanted to thank you again for everything. I think my family was a bit skeptical about the video at first, but you have totally converted everyone. The DVD is absolutely amazing and will be wonderful to have to show our friends and family that couldn’t be there to celebrate with us. And I’m sure it will be a blast to show to our kids someday.

Lauren & Jeremy Eckhart, married July 3, 2011

We can't thank you enough for capturing our wedding. Your work is lovely and I frequently watch our highlights reel because it brings a smile and happy memories. We also love the package you sent with the sweet goodies and awesome USB. It was such a pleasure to work with you, we appreciate all your time and flexibility. We sincerely hope our paths will cross again as Maine is our favorite place to be in the summer.

Michael & Virginia Castine, Married August 24, 2013

Choosing to have Nora and SP Films create a video legacy of our wedding was one of the best decisions we made throughout the wedding planning process. From the first moment that we contacted Nora, through our first meeting and other planning, up to our wedding day, and beyond, Nora was incredibly warm, helpful, professional, and created an incredible video that tugged at our heartstrings and captured the love and emotions of our big day.

Kirk & Jared, Married June 29, 2014


Years in Video Production
Days Snowboarding per Year
Hours There Should Be In A Day
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Not What You Expect

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